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How to chop an onion?

This is the root that’s absolutely crucial, leave that on there if you cut that off the onion will start to bleed and you’ll start crying rapidly, slice go forward that way to the knife do the work three fingers one in front two behind and this part of the knuckle is gonna guide the knife fingers on top of the onion to point the knife towards the root and try to get as close to the root as possible nice long stroke and then push the onion back together push the knife halfway into the onion slightly tilt the knife down one at the top and then gripping the onion-like a tennis ball holding it together in place with the weight of the blade to cut through that onion to get to the base of the root again turn it around up and down motion and that’s what we left there no waste just the root and look there you’ve got a really nice finely chopped onion seasoned and cover well with paprika spread evenly useful Pierce that open squeeze it in that delicious.

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