How To Peel & Devein Shrimp

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Hi, guys, it’s Danny now when you’re working with shrimp you’re either going to spend a little more money and buy them pre-peeled and cleaned, or you’re going to save your money and do it yourself.

For this how-to I’m showing you how to clean and devein your shrimp now what you want to do is grab your shrimp and then just slip your thumb right underneath this thin shell and gently peel them off what you’re going to find is that the shells actually come off really easy once you’ve got the shell off come on down to the bottom and you want to take your thumb and your forefinger squish the bottom of the tail and then just shimmy it right off of the shrimp then grab a paring knife and create a nice thin slit right down the back of the shrimp now you don’t want to go all the way through or just cutting into the surface here and what you’re looking for is this dark black vein the intestinal tract that runs down the back so slip your knife right underneath and then just pull it out easy peasy
let me show you one more time remove the show shimmy off the tail thin slit down the back and then pull out that vein not only will cleaning your own shrimp save you a few bucks but they’re always fresher this way and I’m telling you they always taste better and that’s it that’s all you need to do now be sure you come back next week because I’m going to show you what to do with all these delicious shrimp that you’ve got ready to go I’m sharing a modern twist on an American classic roasted shrimp cocktail for more simple and nutritious recipes tips and ideas be sure you come over to clean and delicious calm where you can print all the recipes save your favorites right to your very own personal recipe box and subscribe to my newsletter thanks so much for watching I’m Danny speeds and I’ll see you next time with another how-to so what you’re going to do is grab your shrimp and you just want to get your thumb right underneath this thin shell hair here you

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