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by Anna Olson

Aromatics are combinations of vegetables and herbs (and sometimes even meats) that are heated in some fat – like butter, oil, or coconut milk – at the beginning of a dish. The heated fat helps these ingredients release addictive aromas and impart deep flavours into the dish that’s being cooked.

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Aromatics are those fragrant ingredients that are the foundation of so many popular dishes and with these common ingredients in your pantry onions, carrots and celery you can make a stock, a soup, a stew a curry, just about anything.

And then you’ve got your other ingredients your garlic and your ginger which have a little more pungency to them and you add them towards the end of the sweating process you just add a touch of oil to start coaxing out the liquids and your onions are your guide, and you want moderate heat, you don’t want to add color to what is now called the mirepoix.

So if you see aromatics or mirepoix it is referring to the same thing this takes about five to six minutes and it smells fantastic earns the name aromatics

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