Easy bakery style homemade sandwich bread with all-purpose flour

by Culinary Exploration
Easy bakery style homemade sandwich bread with all-purpose flour

This is a wonderful simple homemade bakery-style sandwich bread recipe that produces an amazing loaf of bread using only all-purpose flour.

I have based the recipe on 500 grams of flour so that you can bake 2 loaves from a single 1-kilo bag.

If you don’t have loaf tins then you can get creative and use a similar baking tin. Here are the links to the tins that I use. I have used them for a multitude of breads and cakes and they are superb!

You can swap the milk out for water but I would reduce this to 65% hydration, 325g. The reason I have chosen to use milk is that it will keep the crumb softer for longer.

You can also substitute up to 50% of the white flour for wholemeal flour. You may need to increase the hydration a little.

My kitchen temp: 20c
Flour protein content: 11%


  • 500g all purpose flour (protein content 11%)
  • 350g Milk (3.5% fat)
  • 7g dried yeast
  • 12g Sea salt
  • Oven temperature: 200c
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes

Basic recipe & excellent results!

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