How to Make Ice Cream Like A Michelin Star Rated Restaurant

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How to Make Ice Cream Like A Michelin Star Rated Restaurant

Ice cream is are on the menu in Book recipe, and we are going to teach you how to make this delicious recipe from scratch!

Host Anna Medina talks with Alfonso Marquez Ramirez, Pastry Chef at Chez TJ, a Michelin Star rated restaurant in Mountain View, about tips and tricks for making ice cream at home. Marquez Ramirez shared his recipe for a vanilla ice cream base:

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How to Make Ice Cream Like A Michelin Star Rated Restaurant
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Ice Cream

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Serves: 2 quarts Prep Time: Cooking Time: Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat


  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 15 egg yolks
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla


  1. In a saucepan, bring cream, milk, and condensed milk to a boil, take off the heat, add vanilla, and set aside.
  2. In a blender, puree yolks and sugar for 1 minute on high, then turn down to low.
  3. Add half of the hot milk mixture, blend for 30 seconds, and add back to the pot. Heat mixture until it reaches 170 F, then chill for 3 hours. Put half of the mixture in the ice cream machine until it is of soft-serve consistency, put in an airtight container, and freeze until set.
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hey everyone I’m here with Chef Alfonso Marquez ramirez of chez TJ and we are here in the kitchen and he is going to show me how to make ice cream which is something that with the warm weather and something I’m craving you’re probably craving and we can actually make this at home which is amazing and I don’t know how to do that so a full disclaimer and the complete ice cream novice but

Hopefully chefs Alfonso will be able to help me and help anyone make ice cream at home yeah so ice cream is not as intimidating as you might think it is I mean you’re going to need an ice cream machine or some sort of ice cream spinner but the base and getting it all prepared is super easy it you know it’s a few ingredients you got your eggs you’re a painter three sizes very well presented like to start doing pastry right so like I’ve messed up ice cream a

Million times I’ve worked out the kinks so that now I can tell you guys how to do it and now you know and you know it cookies cooking right we you know we danced it up a little bit and make it a showcase but the ingredients are basic right you can go get these anywhere you know as long as ice cream machines you’re good to go so okay no ice cream machine as one of the main things yeah you’re gonna need that got it what what I need to get

Started my the easiest would be to order at your machine online quiz in our have them for a couple hundred bucks it is well pricey but you know it’s an investment compact put it away bring on we want to use it we’re going to need our thermometer you can get a digital one or just any you know via with a little dial on it I like to use the the digital one it’s faster you can straight to the point with and then a little touch there and then so of course that’s

At the house you’re going to have your stove I have I don’t have a stove back here so I have a I have an induction so a pot a blender so multiply everything and then an ice bath to cool everything down that’s what we want right because we have eggs we have cream we want to take that from the Thai temperature and bring it down as quickly as we can so we don’t get any bacteria or any of that kind of stuff going on what are the ingredients that

I’m going to me so ingredients for vanilla ice cream base are going to be good quality egg yolks whole milk cream sugar and vanilla extract you’re going to need a high quality cream a lot of fat in it the milk also you need to have it needs to be whole milk you can’t you can’t cut out use 2% because once you start pulling that milk out the ice crystals are going to start forming all right and you don’t want that I’ve seen creamy right yeah fat that’s what’s

Giving it what you wanna know about yeah but that’s what ice cream is right it’s going to be that it will to be like that yeah Richenda yeah and so that’s all you need you’re like oh start as a vanilla base that’s what you need and then you can just start adding from there get creative you want to make cinnamon ice cream put cinnamon you want to you know you want to make chocolate ice cream melt chocolate into the warm base you have chocolate ice cream okay well why

Don’t we get started yeah so super important before we start anything is that we do have this ready to go our i-5 if you don’t have the ice bath you don’t have one of these like two metal bowls maybe at the house all you have is plastic Tupperware just getting set you can put it in the freezer once once we we get our hot mix into there you don’t have this you could put it in the freezer just mix it maybe every 15

Minutes right so we don’t freeze the sides and not the middles and you know so it’s okay that’s if you don’t if you don’t have to metal bowls and then very important that we have our ice cream machine ready to get ready to go all right because you don’t want all this and then now you’re now you’re waiting okay tragedy okay so now that we’re ready to start we could turn our little guy on here first we’re going to start we’re going to bring our cream and milk

Up to a boil okay um so like heating cream kind of makes me nervous can’t you like burn it or like yeah you can but I don’t okay so uh yeah course we’re going to what’s going to burn fastest is your milk okay but if you’re keeping an eye on it you’re fine you’re not going to burn anything so we have our milk our cream okay and then a super important is that once we have both of them together to

Mix it because your milk is going to burn if it’s not mixed in together okay anything it’s gonna burn and not that we don’t want fertilizer all right so let’s wait for this guy to come up to a boil okay all right so we’ve got it at this like nice simmering yeah so we’re gonna kind of frothy yeah it’s going to come up to a simmer and then once it comes up to our simmer we’re going to add I just use a cap off the the top of the vanilla I think maybe like at the house you have

Like little caps I think three of those like a teaspoon or so like that you notice I don’t have vanilla II you want it that’s you know so you can see it we’re not going to bring it up to a complete rolling boil but we just want it to to come up to a simmer once it comes up to that simmer we can pull it off and then we’ll add in our vanilla okay that looks like thick yeah this is a vanilla paste that’s really cool if you

Can find it awesome it’s not vanilla extract and vanilla bean will work but um yeah so we’re gonna mix this guy and let him hang out I think he off the heat yeah so that guy’s going to hang out over there okay so next what we’re going to do is going to bring out our blender and you can always just do this with a one of the Electric mixers you know what they feel like your mom used to have or you can just use a with yeah if you want

To do things like a program you can or you could just use the blender which is what I like to use so here’s our 15 year 15 yeah 13 yo okay and 3/4 cup of sugar and super important don’t do this until you’re going to need to do that so you’re going to mix it with the sugar and the eggs don’t like to hang out together without being blended so yeah finicky sugar so we’re into the fan so we’re just going to do this until he is a light yellow right so he’s putting

Turn all the way up yeah so that that’s that part so we’re going to do now is we’re going to temper our REO in our sugar that sounds like cific so what happens is if we take all of our yolks and our and we put it into our boiling water I’m sorry boiling cream mix we’re going to get scrambled yolks right so we don’t we just wanted to like just throw our yolks in there this is not going to work right X so what we’re going to do is

Going to take a little bit of our mix and then we’re gonna take a little bit more mix and just introduce it into this guide so that our yolks and our sugar are almost the same temperature as what we’re going to put them in so it’s not so like oh I’m in hot chai yeah so yeah you just you know just drizzle it in so everything to make we’re good to go that’s that and so what we’re going to do is bring back this game okay so we put it back on back on the heat so now

We’re going to take our tempered yolks and sugar okay and reintroduce them to this mixer you want to stir constantly while you’re to get a nice you know you want everything mixed around and spread okay so now that we have all that in there now comes our thermometer we’re going to want to take this mix up to 170 okay 175 is okay 180 you’re pushing it you’re going to have curdled yolk on the bottom if you take it that high I 178 is where I like to take it that’s a safe

Sweet spot yeah 170 all right so this is where the thermometer and this part don’t walk away don’t stay right here it’s going to happen pretty quick and what is that for for everything to come together so okay so there’s some ice cream mixes where you could put everything raw not everyone is okay with that right this is just the cook the yolks cook the cream cook everything so that we brought everything that we pick on the bacteria

Out we could freeze it at that um and totally skip all this and just go into using raw eggs raw milk like all apps of butter some people weird yep so we’re at 170 that 170 Fahrenheit we’re ready to pull off so now our mixing our double roll ice bath comes in handy okay so we’re going to take this and just pour him right over yeah nothing better yeah so okay so this is our base um the hard part is done that’s it that’s

The hard part as hard as it gets right at what we just did so now this is need to come to 40 degrees pretty good and you wanted out 40 degrees so this I’ll just leave it now you can walk away tell your friends hey make an ice cream come on over yeah it’s gonna be great it’s done I might so many so yeah there’s not enough where I came from exactly yeah okay so now that our base is killed our ice cream machine is tilled see it’s a little frosty rim that means we’re ready

To go okay so now we can turn our machine on or I don’t know how you know whatever machine you have a house at the house just look at the instructions did you do yeah so what’s cool is uh it turns it the base once it’s set turns into a custard just like I like that and you can use this custard as a sauce you know like that it’s this like a crème anglaise right so so you could totally use it I don’t like to soak the machine too much because what will happen is if

I have too much bass in there this is start shooting air into my ice cream and those ice creams in that air will freeze and then it turns I see so you don’t want to see you on you don’t want to put it you don’t ever want to overload your machine oh yeah so let’s get you now yeah we’ll put that this then let it do all right since is sitting for about 10-12 minutes 15 the most you want to take it unless it has informed yet unless you know if it’s not at the stage

We have it right here or you know you go to Wendy’s and you get that proxy that’s what you wanted I look for that when you’re when you’re when you’re like I don’t know if it’s cold enough I don’t know what then I think Wendy’s frosty and that’s where you want to pull it out so any container that you put it in give us give a smell you don’t want it like maybe you have like onions and something makes it has this or that cream will absorb all that

Okay so even if it’s like uh just just don’t get what you’re saying there yeah you don’t you know yeah nothing with QE you know another so we’re going to turn it off we’re gonna taste it you want how I taste it see we’re at with flavor okay sometimes if it’s dull you can add a little bit salt some people like solid meters there’s always a little bit salt okay well you can try to have to let and try it yeah I mean it’s just vanilla right but it’s like Japanese and good

Vanilla it’s like custard even know like it’s good feet again so we’re going to take our our ice cream out at this stage and just put it into our container and we just eat it yeah you can do feel like this you another way yes okay so we’ve got ice cream we’re all set thank you so much for tuning in you can subscribe to our YouTube channel how also online you can also find us at Palo Alto and on Facebook and Twitter even Instagram so don’t hesitate to do that

And also come by che TJ yeah I’m here you have any questions your ice creams icing up I’ll help you out figure it out for you yes all right well happy ice cream making

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