How to Make a Silhouette Halloween Cake

by Rosie's Dessert Spot
How to Make a Silhouette Halloween Cake

Silhouette Halloween Cake is on the menu in Book recipe, and we are going to teach you how to make this delicious recipe from scratch!

Our first Halloween cake for 2021! Let’s hit it off with the classic, gravestone silhouette design. I used all buttercream elements here, but you can also create this using a fondant cut out for the moon.

This will save you from having to create a round stencil, although if you want to take your decorating to the next level,

I recommend you give it a go, even to just get some practice in with stencilling!

You can use a #8 or #10 round piping tip for the main body of the tree and the thicker trunks, and then a #3 piping tip for the skinnier branches. Alternatively, you can cut a 5mm hole at the end of you piping tip so more buttercream comes through for the larger, thicker trunks. For the smaller trunks, you can simply use a 2nd piping bag with a 2mm hole cut at the end instead

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